Music Therapy Session Videos

This is an example of a weekly Goodbye song, sung at the end of each session.  It encourages engagement and verbal responses.  He is tuned into me, and I am tuned into him. 

Piano Exploration

This little guy with Autism is 3 years old.  He is a crawler, non verbal and a lover of music.  The range of his musical language is extensive.  In music, I can understand what he is trying to say. 

Vocal Imitation in Music Therapy Session

This is a beautiful example of musical imitation, and pure engagement.  The 8 year old girl with Autism in this video demonstrates her excellent musical ear and angelic singing voice!  It is a joy to sing with her, as she meets my ever increasing challenges in musical intonation and musicality.  It is during musical imitation that she is the most responsive and interactive.  Watch how intently she listens to my phrases, and how eager she is to take the microphone for her turn to sing back to me...but just as receptive to sharing the musical space.  Enjoy this purely improvised connection.  I sure did.

Parent Testimonials

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