ET Music Therapy is based on one simple principle: Music is one of the most motivating and effective mediums for building strong connections with individuals with Autism and other special needs.


What we offer

  • Individual & group sessions
  • Adapted music lessons.  
  • Facilitate workshops, presentations,
  • Consultation & Training
  • Relaxation Recordings for download 
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who we serve

  • Individuals with Autism
  • Individuals with special needs.
  • Early Intervention, adolescents & adults
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Where we work

  • At our 2 music therapy studio locations (North Van & Richmond)
  • In home
  • Treatment centers
  • Public & private schools
  • Group homes

ET Music Therapy is an established music therapy practiCe, serving the Metro Vancouver area since 1996.

The dynamic musical experience provides a safe, nurturing environment in which an individual can feel secure and confident to explore. Because music has stimulating, sensory, motivational and emotive qualities, it can be used as a tool to elicit music, verbal, emotional or corporeal responses and promote interaction and engagement in an enjoyable and often effortless way.  An individual will always integrate new information and skills when there is inner motivation and curiosity.  Music can be the built in reward.  In music therapy sessions, experiences can facilitate development in all skill domains.  All activities are tailored to the client's ability level & are designed to utilize his or her personal strengths, motivations and interests.

Sessions may include:

  • Interventions targeting Auditory skills: discrimination/sequencing/aud. figure ground
  • Therapeutic application of guitar, piano, percussive instruments etc.
  • Creative movement to music, utilizing both improvised & recorded music
  • Exploration & improvisation of small percussive & melodic instruments
  • Structured simple sequence musical games with visual re-enforcers.
  • Vocal improvisation & vocal exploration
  • Songs/interventions targeting speech development 
  • Professionally guided musical interactions/ experiences providing proprioceptive/vibrational input from selected instruments for self regulation
  • Weekly Hello & Goodbye songs providing ritual and routine
  • Song writing
  • Educational Kinesiology strategies
  • Application of sensory integration strategies & RDI techniques
  • Representational musical play
  • Child created/guided musical activities
  • Positive Behavior Support/ behavior management techniques
  • Adapted music lesson segments/sessions for guitar, percussion, and piano.
With music, my son participates way sooner than in other environments, with increased focus and eye contact. He loves music and that tends to bring him out of his shell.
— Kristy Hunt, parent
 ET Music therapy is a proud partner of Mundo Pato Inc.

ET Music therapy is a proud partner of Mundo Pato Inc.

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Esther Thane, BMT, MTA, AVPT


Owner & Executive Director

Esther's specialization since 1996 has been in the field of Autism- targeting early intervention.  She enjoyed 14 wonderful years on faculty at Capilano University , teaching in the Bachelor of Music Therapy Program.  She frequently presents at conferences and holds workshops for universities, local agencies and abroad. Esther completed Dr. Diane Austin's (Music Psychotherapy Center, NY) first international distance training program in Advanced Vocal Psychotherapy.  Her publication in the book: Voicework in Music Therapy  (Jessica Kingsley Publishers), focuses on her innovative method of Vocal-Led Relaxation for Children with Autism. These recordings can be downloaded on our Relaxation Recordings page.  Esther launched the first cloud music therapy curriculum: MITM (Meet in the Music) for music therapy practices, as part of an electronic therapy records system known as: Unitus Therapy Intelligence, by Mundo Pato Inc. (info on UnitusTI & Meet In The Music Curriculum page). She is most recently on the Advisory Executive Council for the Women's Economic Forum (New Delhi, India).

Evret Tucker, BMT, MTA


Senior Music Therapist

Evret joined ET Music Therapy after completing his internship and training, under Esther's mentorship. Evret started his career by obtaining a diploma in Jazz and contemporary guitar at Vancouver Community College and playing music in the local Vancouver scene focusing mainly on guitar and vocals. During his training, Evret developed a passion for music therapy through his varied experiences working with child, geriatric and mental health populations. Evret brings a lighthearted, fun environment to all of his music therapy sessions while targeting specific goals for each individual.  Currently, Evret provides music therapy services with in home clients, in studio clients, private schools and therapy centres through ET Music Therapy.

Emily Naccarato, BMT, MTA, MT-BC, Music Therapist

Emily obtained a college diploma in fine arts before pursuing a career in music therapy.  She has also taught piano for several years.  Emily completed her music therapy studies at the University of Windsor, Ontario, before coming out west to BC!  In her practicum experience, she has worked with traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, behavioural issues, and autism. Emily employs an eclectic approach to music therapy and adopts creative ways of using music to meet goal objectives for clients. Emily officially joined the team upon completing her internship at ET Music Therapy and currently serves clients at our North Vancouver music therapy studio.

Nate Chan, BA, BMT, Music Therapist

Nate completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in voice at the University of Alberta before starting his Music Therapy training at Capilano University. Nate continues to sing with the prestigious group Chor Leoni, here in Vancouver.  He comes to ET Music Therapy after his internship at Canuck Place Children's Hospice, and working as a Community Support Worker at the North Shore Disabilities Resource Center. Nate is warm, energetic, and unafraid to think outside the box when it comes to developing a creative and engaging session for each individual client. He is incredibly excited to join the ET Music Therapy team.

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Vince Thane, BCom, Director of Business Operations

Vince brings two decades of experience working in the Operations Management field.  Upon graduating from The University of Calgary in 1994 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Operations Management and Supervision, he went on to work for a large corporation, specializing in sales forecasting, operations planning and inventory management. At ET Music Therapy, Vince is responsible for all office management & business growth.

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Sol, our Therapy Dog              


(in training)

Sol was adopted as a puppy in November 2016 from La Paz, Mexico, and has just recently turned 1 year old! Although not yet a certified therapy dog, Sol is loving and gentle, and eager to spend time with kids. Having him join in with sessions can help to motivate, focus, and support participants. With permission, Sol can join in on sessions to both support the participant and train for his certification when he comes of age (2 yrs. old). 

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Relaxation Recordings

These relaxation recordings can be used in a variety of populations and ages from autism to geriatric care. Rooted in Music is successfully being used in schools, in home, senior's homes, dental clinics, and harm reduction addiction facilities. Go to the Relaxation Recordings page for more info.

Are there ways to cover the cost of music therapy sessions?
Music therapy is not usually covered by health care and extended health care plans. There are some exceptions, such as Worksafe BC, ICBC and funding for autism. 

MTABC is part of the Task Group for Counsellor Regulation in BC. This group is lobbying the BC government for music therapists and other counselors and therapists to be regulated under the Health Professions Act. Once this is approved, it is anticipated that music therapy services will be approved under private insurance plans.

Funding for children with Autism- AFU
The Ministry of Children and Family Development (Autism Funding Unit) will give block funding to parents/guardians, which can cover music therapy for children ages six to nineteen years. Music therapy is called an Autism Related Intervention. The family submits a request to the ministry for music therapy- under ET Music Therapy.  ET Music Therapy then invoices the ministry directly, on a monthly basis. At this time, this service ends when the child reaches the age of nineteen years. For further questions, contact the Autism Funds Processing Unit at 1-877-777-3530.

Funding for Head Injury
Some individuals with a head injury can apply for funding through ICBC if they can show pre-morbidity musical involvement.

Other possible sources of funding
Some special needs children may apply for funding through adoption services, Variety Club, CKNW, and President's Choice, who have been known to fund music therapy. Clients and families usually complete these applications from the funding sources.  Upon request, ET Music Therapy will provide a "letter of request for treatment/ quote" to supplement applications. source:


ET Music Therapy's Partnerships in the Community: