Music Heals "Strike a Chord" Fundraiser Event- October 19, 2017


Evret Tucker & Esther Thane attended Music Heals concert event at The Commodore in Vancouver. 

Fabulous performers including Sam Roberts! Over $500,000 was raised!  Thanks Chris Brandt & Music Heals!

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Amazing music, musicians, music therapists and community advocates coming together to raise awareness and money for music therapy services in Canada.  Fabulous performers including Sam Roberts! Over $500,000 was raised!  Thanks Chris Brandt & Music Heals!

Staff Training- Creative Response Therapy™ with Cyntha Gonzalez, August 20, 2017

Evret Tucker, Cyntha Gonzalez, Esther Thane, Nate Chan, Emily Naccarato (attending online in Ontario!)

Evret Tucker, Cyntha Gonzalez, Esther Thane, Nate Chan, Emily Naccarato (attending online in Ontario!)

ET Music Therapy staff were honored to experience an art therapy based afternoon with Cyntha Gonzalez.  We were introduced to the Creative Response Therapy™ (CRT)  which included her Spontaneous Painting method. One of the art works centered on Self Portrait, and both experiences were followed by a writing exercise.  Thank you so much to Cyntha, who travelled from Dubai- where she has been living and offering her therapeutic services for the past 19 years.    

Cyntha Gonzalez, creator of the Creative Response Therapy™

Cyntha Gonzalez began the creation of Creative Response Therapy™ in Paris, France in 1989, applying her background of Transpersonal Psychology and counseling, as well as non-ordinary states work, supporting the client to access deeper states of consciousness with the intention of healing and integration. She expanded the modalities beyond the initial Spontaneous Painting, to include Spontaneous Clay, Collage, Face Mask, Coloring Mandalas and Sand Mandalas. She also taught it in conjunction with Holotropic Breathwork, Constellation, Radical Forgiveness and Relationship workshops and her long-running yearlong Transpersonal Counseling Course. She initially taught private classes as well as trained medical practitioners throughout France, including psychologists, occupational therapists, geriatric and psychiatric nurses and special needs practitioners. She moved on to the UK and then the UAE, from where she is currently based and teaches this method throughout the Middle East, India, the Americas and Europe, both in person and online through Mundo Pato's Unitus TI Cloud platform. For more info on Cyntha:

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Bikers For Autism "Shuck it Forward 2017" fundraiser

A great day Downtown Vancouver with performances from our amazing client Marshall Forsythe & Nate Chan, music therapist at ET Music Therapy (on drums & back up vocals).  Thank you James Baker from Bikers For Autism for the opportunity and the most generous gift to Marshall- a beautiful guitar donated by Bikers For Autism, D'Angelico Guitars and International Motorcycles.  

An Inspiring week in New Delhi, India at the Women Economic Forum 2017 (May 8-13). Honored to speak and receive an "Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All" award by Dr. Harbeen Arora

This was a gathering of international women making progressive changes in various industries and disciplines.  Beautiful connections were made and I so appreciated the sharing of innovating ideas and relationship!  An unforgettable experience. 

World Autism Awareness Day Celebration at Pacific Autism Family Network Centre!

ET Music Therapy enjoyed the wonderful celebration at PAFN this past Sunday.  The music therapy room was open for familes to explore, and we had a table display offering information on our programs.  In the front lobby, a talented member of our program performed along with Nate Chan, one of our music therapists. It was fantastic to connect with families, other providers at the centre, and the whole community! Thank you to PAFN and Blue Cross for hosting this event!

Rockband sessions at the Pacific Autism Family Network Centre

Rockband is already gaining attention and interest in the community and our members have become local stars!  We have been honored by two filming expereinces- Variety Show of Hearts Telelthon 2017, and AMI TV. It's been a busy start!  

Was it a Star Wars convention? Or the Vancouver Autism Speaks Walk 2016, at the Pacific Autism Family Centre

Emily, Evret, Nate, Vince and Esther walking together on a Sunday morning... for Autism Speaks. 

We had another sneak peak into the Pacific Autism Family Centre- beautiful vision coming to life! So exciting!

 Music Therapy at PAFC

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